How do you like it? A question of erotica.

Back when 50 Shades of Grey was all the rage, I pondered the idea of having a go at writing erotica (or porn, or whatever tag you like). I came up with a setting, some characters and the beginning of a plot outline, and a number of potential sex scenes. But I realised, I’m not into BDSM and thus wouldn’t enjoy writing it, and my own personal history has been, shall we say, less than adventurous. That’s just how I am. 

I’ve read a few bits and pieces here and there, and know enough about myself to know what sort of scenes get me hot under the collar. But can I write something that will excite anyone else?

What are some common fantasies I can refer to that might work, and that aren’t BDSM? Outdoors or anywhere there’s a chance of being caught? A threesome? Plain ol’ spontaneity..?

And so, to the purpose of this post: can I run by you a few general scene ideas to see if anyone thinks they could have merit, or would most likely be a snooze-fest?

To give a basic outline, the lead female (mid-late 20s, but not a naive ingenue) goes on a working holiday with her married friends, during the Venice Carnival. She works alongside a handsome local guy who is acquainted with her friends, and they start a flirtation…

1) Before she leaves, an ex re-enters her life and takes her to a club. He sweet-talks her then fingers her in a dark corner, and expects the same – but reveals he’s currently seeing someone. So she leaves him there all hot and bothered. 

2) Now with her foreign crush, they’re outside at night after a masquerade party, and think they’re alone. He begins giving her oral, then she notices another couple not too far away, the guy being given a blowjob, and watching her – she comes to enjoy being watched. 

3) She’s only ever seen her crush’s face in mask, and they’re about to have sex for the first time. He wants to keep their masks on to maintain the mystery. 

4) A threesome, but with another guy. She refuses to be tied up but agrees to loose restraints and a blindfold, and doesn’t know there’s another guy until she realises two people are touching her. The scene would contain guy-on-guy action as well. 

– – –

That’s all I have in a relatively well-formed state at the moment (although obviously heavily summarised for use here), but any feedback anyone has would be gratefully received!


~ L. Q. ~


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