Children’s Story: ‘Laurence and Big Dog’

A while ago I wrote a little story for my two young nephews. I made it into a brightly-coloured storybook, and coloured in some pictures I found on Google Images. My brother read it to them, then filmed their response the next morning. Now, considering they’d been asleep since they heard it (and are only little), I was amused rather than dismayed to hear the elder one answer the question “Was it a good story?” with a disinterested “No…” Don’t worry, he got the right answer when asked a second time!

But I thought I’d share it here. If anyone does fancy reading it to their own kids, I’d love to know if any of them respond well to it. Otherwise I’ll assume I failed, and try harder next time!

A few words and phrases may seem a little odd, but certain things are aimed specifically at my nephews. 😉


3 thoughts on “Children’s Story: ‘Laurence and Big Dog’

  1. poetgirl59 says:

    Anything new on the horizon, Lyla? Hope so. Keep going!

  2. poetgirl59 says:

    Hi Lyla,
    Enjoy your posts.
    Just a word on your story. I have four grandchildren, one just turned eight yesterday. When I visit each summer, I would ask him at night if he wanted me to read him a story, or tell him one from my imagination.
    Usually he would answer, ” From your imagination, but not a boring one.”
    Sometimes I guess I told him ” boring ones” so he would fall asleep, and I didn’t want to give him nightmares!
    Nope, not what he wanted. He invented ” The Adventures of Granny Crap Pants” which became a staple. Book in the works. And “Wolfie, Bushy, Woo Choo and the King. Which I am thinking of turning into a book. I know, makes you wonder. But he is a smart little guy ( scary IQ of 157 apparently) and likes adventure.
    Really good adventures! With some danger (overcome) involved.
    Not sure of the ages of your nephews, but I think they were hoping for a bigger challenge for the Pirates, and something a little dangerous!
    Ask them for ideas! They will have plenty.
    Keep writing!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Carol, thanks for your comments! Granny Crap Pants sounds brilliant – your grandson has a wonderful imagination.

      This plot is actually the second one I planned. I ran the first one past my mum, since it had been over a year since I’d last seen them. At the time they were about 5 and 2, and mum considered that the older one wouldn’t really handle a story that was very dramatic (he’s very sensitive). She thought this one would be more appropriate at the time, but I’ll have to go back through my notes to see if I have my original idea. I remember rather liking it! 😉 I’d like to write some more as they get older, so I’ll definitely be able to try more drama and danger.
      Thank you!

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