Part 1 – wings!

Greetings, dear readers! I really must try to post here more often. 

Anyway, I have plans to return to the Venice Carnevale next year, with costumes. But I also hope to go to the London Film & Comic Con in July, too – preferable with one or two costumes! The planning and making has begun, so I thought I’d keep a record of what I’m up to. 

I started with designing a pair of wings for a fairy/Steampunk Tinkerbell outfit. They’ll be different to my Ever After wings in that they’ll have a brace to fit down inside a corset, and be coated in plastic then fabric. 

Cereal box cardboard. Yep, I’m resourceful! These are based on bee wings, as my fairy will be a woodland fairy. Plus, bees are awesome!

Next, make a wire frame. I used 1.5mm brass wire, which does make your hands quite dirty, but it’s pretty stiff. In hindsight a thicker size would probably have been better, although more difficult to work. 

Thanks to the advice of the woman in the shop where I bought the wire, I got 0.8mm as well to wrap the connections, and began to shape the brace between the wings. 



Now, the next part…this is me guessing (as usual!), hoping my plan turns out ok. I’m using clear Contact to create a sort of skin that can be attached to the wire then covered with fabric. Two layers stuck together, and two of those for each wing section (8 bits all up). The plan is to sandwich the wire between the double layers, so it’s sealed in. 

Here are the cut Contact pieces:

Next step is to draw guide lines in gold Posca to align the wire. And this is what I’m up to now. 

Then wait for it to dry…

Stay tuned for the next installment!


~ L.Q.



2 thoughts on “Part 1 – wings!

  1. These wings are going to be fantastic. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

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